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The 3X4 community is a high-vibe space for creativity, collaboration, and care.  We learn fast, we learn well, and sometimes we learn to unlearn (which is the hardest, but we have each other!) We do all of this with the aim of being better at our calling: to help people live healthier, happier, and maybe even longer lives.

Whether You Are New To Nutrigenomics Or Have Been In The Game For A While There Is Something For You:


Bite-size learnings, 'Ask-Us-Anything' webinars, high-quality educational courses, and exclusive events with world-renowned thought leaders in functional -and integrative medicine; with unlimited access to recordings, presentation slides, infographics, and more.


Chats, discussions, and round-table meetings with others like you who are navigating new questions, challenges, and business goals in a rapidly evolving world.  Share your experiences, insights, hurdles, and your wins in a dedicated private space. 


Get the tried and tested tips and tricks recommended by 3X4 Genetics and fellow community members. Best books, podcast episodes, news articles, marketing tools, and more to up-skill and inspire you on your path, as well as the health habits and rituals that others use to avoid burn-out and stay well as they drive their business forward. 

What Our Members Say:

Connection and community with other practitioners that dispels the feeling of being an isolated practitioner;  Science and trainings that inspire me to keep expanding my education; and Support for integrating the testing into my practice.  I gain, my practice gains, and my clients gain. 

-Ruth Baillie, MSc, MA, MBANT

The information, camaraderie and support you give us as practitioners is beyond optimal. Truly, I had been fairly discouraged with the functional medicine landscape until I first heard Yael speak at the BCNS/ANA meeting in Seattle, followed by the amazing experience I've had working with 3x4.

- Nori Zastrow MS, CNS

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